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Flow Tester
Leakage inspection of audio parts
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Leak tester for mobile phone.

A film that uses new kind of material that allows the passage of air while blocks water (such as Goretex) is being used for the audio parts of mobile phones (speaker, receiver and microphone).
It is necessary to to check such film if it has no any breakage, pinhole or adhesion failure. For this purpose, we have developed a test method that uses air pressure. It is actually being implemented by a certain manufacturer in their test line to inspect all of their products. Since it can test quickly and accuretly. It can be used to inspect all items.




    No. of items that can be tested simultaneously 4 pcs. Can adapt various types through jig replacement.

    Mini size (desktop type).

  • Weight - select from 20KN, 50KN, 100KN
  • Power - 100VAC
  • Air source - 0.5MPa
  • Test pressure - 2kPa
  • Amount of flow - 0-500cc, 0-1000cc, 0-2000cc (change according to measurement portion)
  • Test conditions - can preset up to 10 different test conditions (adapts to various types)
  • Operation method - color LCD touch panel